• I had the pleasure to collaborate with Cristina as recruitment partners and also I am one of the candidates she successfully recruited. During the recruitment process, I was involved in, I noticed that Cristina has the necessary skills for her role: great listener, negotiator, and seller. She had a friendly attitude, not being too pushy and at the same time, she managed to represent her client in a professional manner. As a recruitment partner, Cristina is punctual and reliable, flexible and patient. She has the ability to present her ideas with clarity and conciseness, in order to get the best result. I highly recommend her as a trustworthy professional in recruitment.

    ― R. M.

  • Cristina Chereches has provided me with several great staffing opportunities. She really took the time to get to know me, understand my needs and wants, asked important questions. She's easy to talk with and very informative when describing each of the positions presented. The thing that stood out to me is that I feel like my needs are important to her and that I am a priority. She is always available to answer my questions, and checks in often to ensure it was a good fit.

    ― C. A.

  • My collaboration with Cristina was a success. She stood out from our very first meeting by showing genuine interest in my work and what I am looking for in a job and also being very open in answering all my questions. She was really helpful throughout the entire recruitment process, keeping me updated every step of the way. When it came to the decision making she was there to give me great advice, which I could use not just in this specific situation but throughout my career. I am glad I had a chance to work with Cristina and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

    ― R. C.

  • For me, collaborating with Talent Matchmakers was a very nice experience. Very friendly, communicative and trustful people.

    ― M. M.

  • I was impressed by Cristina's professionalism since the first discussion. I'm picky when it comes to changing my job and besides providing me with clear and concise answers to all of my questions, she even mediated for me a small change in the hiring process proposed by the new employer, which allowed me a smooth transition from the old job. I like that she's paying attention to both sides (candidate and employer) to find the best match and offers very good support during the entire hiring process. I would recommend Talent Matchmakers to anyone who's interested in a career change!

    ― D. M.

  • When I started looking for a new job as a frontend web developer, Talent Matchmakers was my first go-to recruitment agency to help me make an informed decision as the next step in my professional career. I was impressed by the efficiency Cristina tackled the situation - in a few days she already had several discussions scheduled for me and the whole recruitment process took less than 2 weeks, from the initial discussion to receiving the offer. Getting constant updates about the positions I was interested in was another key factor that enabled me to sort out pros from cons in companies. Overall, Cristina’s approach was professional, proactive and result-oriented and working with her was a pleasure; I will definitely collaborate again in the future.

    ― G. B.

  • Cristina stood out through her very honest and direct, but also personal approach. I was able to get answers to all of my questions, as well as some advice from her. She is an understanding and friendly person, and a very good recruiter 😊.

    ― A. N.

  • I have had the opportunity to work with Cristina on a number of occasions, one of which ended in a smooth transition in my career path. Cristina brings with her a high degree of knowledge regarding latest trends in this industry and patience coupled with emotional intelligence. During our collaboration, she provided relevant and timely information about the procedures that were part of the transition. The dedication to her job is apparent, a reason to which I would recommend Cristina for any HR related needs.

    ― C. M.

  • Cristina helped me get my dream job I was looking for a very specific job description, namely Machine Learning with Python. I wouldn't have given up my position unless it was for this job. Cristina kept an eye open and helped me find what I wanted and then guided me through all of the recruitment process. She was very patient, professional, and helpful all along the way and would answer any question I had. I am grateful for her assistance and would recommend her to anyone who wants to find a better job.

    ― S. M.

  • Cristina has the power to transform an interview, something which is not at hand for most technical people, into a really cool, detached, and cozy event. Having second thoughts or underestimating yourself will not cut it, since she can also make you feel confident and motivated. Not only that, but she's also really fun to have around. I would really enjoy a cup of coffee with her, if I would ever want to change my job again.

    ― A. L.