When was the last time you thought about how your ideal workplace and job opportunity would look like? Or received help in achieving that goal? An organization that fits your values and principles, that would help you achieve your ambitions and professional goals. A role in which you would unveil your true potential and from which you would grasp your energy and motivation daily.

We want to hear all about it!

You may feel like there has to be something better for you out there. And you’re not the only one. Do you know that, according to a 2017 Gallup study, only 15% of employees are engaged in their workplace, while the rest are either viewing their workplace negatively or only doing the bare minimum to make it through the day, with little to no emotional attachment?

Maybe we can help!

At Talent Matchmakers, we strive to bring a meaningful impact to employment opportunities. Given the fact that we have been immersed in the IT ecosystem and technical recruitment since 2015, we have valuable insights regarding different organizations and roles.

Here is what makes us a great partner to get in touch with when looking for your next challenge:


Being an external recruiting company gives us the benefit of working with various employers, which makes it easier for us to match your profile and interests. Also, we have access to jobs that sometimes are not visible to you - as a job seeker. There are cases when we are the first ones to hear about an opening, and the first step in our recruitment strategy is to check our candidates’ database.


We have a large network and we can help you get in touch with exciting companies and projects. It might not end up with a hire, but with the right mindset, one can always benefit from discovering new opportunities. A combined study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University (2016) reported that 70% of all jobs are found through networking.


Besides our passion for human resources and our focus on connecting with the candidates, we have a great knowledge of the labor market, especially in Cluj-Napoca. We are able to identify those companies that can create a working environment that enables you. Considering your knowledge, expertise, and your expectations, we can help you find a job that motivates you and brings you joy.


There might be situations when your job search is confidential. We understand that and will act accordingly. Working with us makes it easier for you, as you don’t just apply for any job opening, we can help you cut down the number of interactions as well.


We are not your personal recruiters, even though sometimes we might act like we are, so you don’t have to pay us. We could actually help you save time. There are cases when with 1 HR interview, you can get involved in more than 1 selection process. And we won’t use your email addresses to send you tips & tricks about recruiting ;), so no spam.


Spoiler Alert: all applications are processed by us, not by a robot. You can expect from us full commitment and support, once we identify an opportunity that matches your skills and desires, or at least an opportunity that resembles what you are looking for. Weapon of choice: honest communication, which helps us connect at a different level and become your advocates.

So if you want us to be on the lookout for the next fitting step in your career, we would love to hear some information about you and what you look for. Fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you if that opportunity arises.