First we engage with a candidate, we identify their interests and career goals. If we have no match with one of our active partner's opportunities, we reach out to our business partners, the ones that share our core values, and we identify the one that will empower the candidates the most. This way, we will recommend and bring in front of you a ready to see candidate that might give a boost to your organization. You will find ou​t information about the candidate's motivation, expertise, salary expectations, and our assessments made after the interviews.

The main difference between Recruiting a​nd Reverse Placement i​s that there will be (almost) no strings attached: i​nstead of actively recruiting and creating a pipeline of candidates for your role, we will recommend the candidates we believe will suit your organization the most. As we do not know all the details about your projects and needs, it would be up to you to decide what team needs a new fellow worker to join further along your roadmap.

We just feel it’s our responsibility as human resources consultants to try to help as many candidates as possible. To find the best opportunity for them. To help the IT community in Cluj-Napoca to write their success stories.

So if you plan to extend your organisation, think about how this service could help you get in touc​h with ready to see candidates, sa​ve your time and boost your recruitment process.

Here is how and why we can help you:


A vast candidate pool to take into consideration for your job openings. We have high reach to a large number of professionals in Cluj-Napoca’s IT Community, on various skill sets.


Grow your network! Throughout these years of matching candidates with their next step opportunity​, we have developed a valuable network of people. This is relevant nowadays when networking is a key role in the process of landing a great job.
A combined study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Yale University (2016) reported that ​70% of all jobs are found through networking​.


An advantage in analyzing your company’s needs and matching them with the right person.
Our network of people is centered on human approach and connections. We know the person behind the profile: what are his aspirations, his goals, his dream job, if he wants to make a change or not, and where would he thrive.


People are more inclined to reach out to us​, as external recruiters, if they want to make a change, as opposed to internal teams of HR. That is because we can provide an overview of opportunities from different organizations and they can count on our impartiality, professionalism and discretion.


Job decisions based on intrinsic motivation lead to increased retention and loyalty inside the organization. So w​e make calls to action based on the candidate’s ambitions, the​ir professional goals and ideal opportunities.
And employee retention should be a primary focus of your company, since replacing an employee is such a large investment. According to Forbes, direct replacement costs can reach as high as 150% of an employee’s annual salary (mid-level), not to mention the productivity loss (a 2012 survey of HR professionals found that it takes 8 months on average for an employee to become fully productive).


A bigger pipeline of candidates for you and a higher chance of finding the right fit for your job openings.
We have access to great passive candidates but also active ones that maybe haven’t interacted with your employer’s branding yet.


Save yourself or your HR team’s time and resources​, even on roles that are not a priority or that are further along your business objectives. You can count on our expertise and our background of doing our job right :) But don’t take our word for it, check our reviews!.


There are times when discretion is needed​, we understand that. Either changes have to be made inside the team or employees are not performing as you expected. You can count on us to bring candidates and help your organization from the outside without raising any questions in the midst of the team.


Last but not least, ​you have nothing to lose!
We are partners but there a​re no strings attached. If the candidates turn out to be unsuited for your job opening, there are no financial obligations from your side. And if the match is just right, it’s a win-win-win situation :)
The candidate lands a great job, you just gained a motivated team member and an asset to your company a​nd we helped YOU by making it all happen!

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