Client Briefing


We start by having a cup of talk.
We need to understand your company’s needs, how they appeared and discuss the employment conditions.
An important part of our first interaction is establishing the hiring process, as well as talking about the discovery research. A discovery research will help us determine the success rate; skillset, experience and budget are taken into account.
We listen to what you want and we help you create a specific plan to ensure you will achieve your objective. The goal is to get to know your organization in detail so we’ll be able to represent it.

  • We define the candidate’s profile by analysing and creating the job description and its annexes (competencies, performance objectives, KPIs);
  • We identify and establish all the involved parties, considering organizational goals and needs;
  • We conduct a discovery research in order to ​determine the success rate;
  • We counsel and assist you on how to increase the success rate and adapt your needs to the market.



If you decide to collaborate with us, we will not only be “your recruitment agency”. We will also be your partners! Expect full commitment from our side and nothing less. And since we partner up, rest assured that we will think about all the details.

When planning a recruitment process we keep in mind a proactive recruitment flow. We think about the best ways to find the candidates and we focus on a humane approach - all day long. The goal is to attract - engage - convert - nurture

We also think about online advertising methods and we will work hand-in-hand to put together targeting criteria.



Our recruiters are using diverse and suitable sourcing channels in order to identify viable candidates. ​The goal is to optimise the process by using a ​targeted search.

  • We start by understanding who we need to reach, while keeping the results in mind;
  • We combine head-hunting techniques with other innovative ways of recruiting (attending tech meetups, being involved in IT communities etc.)



Before we reach this phase, we also perform a professional screening. The goal is to explore #​thematch from multiple points of view: cultural fit, motivation, expertise and budget. Depending on each situation, we perform:

  • Pre-screening interviews
  • In-depth interviews

After every interview, we start the debriefing process and we evaluate each candidate. We always do our best to avoid a bias, even the unconscious one.

What we appreciate the most is how the candidate could help your organisation in the long run, not only with the needs you are facing now, because by now we already know you and your organisation. Together, we are capable of tackling both current and future needs.

Presenting the candidate


We value everybody’s time - the candidate’s, yours and ours as well. Only after the assessment was made and we have a complete view of #​thematch​, we present you the candidate. The goal is to bring forward “ready to go” candidates that will require technical evaluation from your side. We will be sending reports regarding each candidate, including:

  • Assessments made after interviews;
  • CV analysis;
  • Personality tests (if required).

Remember that we’ll be there for you, acting as consultants in order to help you select the best candidate. You will have our full support.

The report we create for you is a landmark, you can always go back to it and view the candidate's profile and our insights.



Talent Matchmakers will act as a single point of contact throughout the entire process. Both you and the candidate will be able to consult with us in order to make the best choice. We provide fast and efficient communication by:

  • Arranging your technical interviews/evaluations for each selected candidate;
  • Making things happen. We pay attention to all sorts of indicators that could influence the engagement rate - miscommunication, bad timings etc. This way we can be on our toes;
  • Keeping open communication to feel the pulse, both yours and the candidate’s. We want to make sure that expectations are properly set and candidates are all about your company.



Once you have made a decision and you are happy with the candidate joining the team, we can assist you with the offer of employment. We make sure that you take all factors into considerations before making the offer letter towards the desired candidates.

If you need more information about the candidate before taking a decision, we can assist you by collecting references.



Growth relies on continuous feedback. We will be providing feedback to all candidates involved in the process and we will make sure their evaluation is objective and unbiased. And by feedback we mean more than “We are sorry, your expertise does not fit our needs”. We want to help the candidates, to understand if there is something they can improve and advise them on how to get better.

We also collect feedback from the candidates and share it with you, so you can get a vibe of your performance and how you were perceived. Besides this, remember - we are partners. We will also give you our feedback as HR consultants and will advise on things that could be improved next time on your side as well.

Our job is not done yet. Together, we will search for solutions and enhance the recruitment process.

And yes, as you can imagine we will highly appreciate your feedback as well.
The goal is for all of us to evolve.

Follow up


Even when some companies would stop, we will keep on going!

Always keep in mind that the recruitment process has 2 protagonists: The employer (you) and The employee (candidates). We will resume to directing.

Once the hiring was made, we keep on developing the connection we already built.

We keep a close relationship with your new employees and make sure that they are happy with their new role. This will help you and them with the transition from a company to another, as well as with the onboarding and ramp up process. No matter how experienced a person is, support is always welcomed.
We also maintain contact with you and check on how well your new employee is performing. Are they meeting your expectations? Do they fit in the team? Are you happy with the way things are going?

The goal is to be supportive and bring up our expertise if needed. Remember - we are your partner and we make things happen.

Contact us for a discussion and let’s find out together how we can assist you.

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