Behind the curtain of IT recruitment

Published on: October 10th, 2022


We all come from beginnings. We all started somewhere. And we are all still learning, right?

Because evolution emerges from being made aware of your mistakes, receiving feedback, self-awareness, and research.

Then why so much hate for IT recruiters?

Remember the ONES that:

  • plan when to reach out in order to get a reply. They take into consideration when stands-ups usually take place when most of you start working, and also they do not bother you in your free time;
  • Really study your public professional profiles before writing you a message. All of your profiles.. because they are terrified of making a mistake, or proposing a role with Python even though your GitHub contributions state that you are into Go lately;
  • spend a lot of their time creating an impactful message with all the insights they have regarding the role, team, tech-stack, road-map, benefits, sometimes budget, etc.
  • want to build bridges and a connection with the real you(your needs, desires, career direction) and contribute to your future career;
  • even though they are not in your inner circle, they are empathic, caring, and genuinely interested in YOU and what is behind the curtain from the first interaction. More than your tech skills: your goals and your needs.
  • comply, accept and adopt new tools to approach you; even though it is not their way of doing things. Some of them are going above and beyond: Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, etc. and are doing this tremendous work in order to approach you properly;
  • after a meeting, their apps burn 🔥. Literally. Some of them use at least 8 apps to approach and discuss with candidates. One candidate is more responsive on Telegram, others on Skype, and so on. So flexibility and adaptability to your needs are there.
  • are sacrificing their mornings, lunches, or their evenings in order to rearrange their actions within the time you mentioned (your spare time);
  • really take time to write a message with care and empathy to respond to your needs (consult with the team, the manager, and the tech people and only afterward reply);
  • interact with hundreds of people and still respect the deadlines they set with you.
  • speed up the process you are involved in because they want YOU to have good timing and also have clarity: feedback, and an offer so you can make a conscious decision for your future.
  • nurture a professional connection even though they have nothing to gain. Just because they see you as a valuable professional.

So this being said, please let's celebrate the hard work the IT recruiters do because some of them still believe that the human touch and all the care they have will change the community and the society we live in.